Unlock the Door – Beyond Sexual Abuse

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Unlock The Door-Beyond Sexual Abuse illuminates 39 stories of personal strength, courage and resiliency. Each contributor shares their knowledge about all aspects of sexual abuse. The focus is on connecting and healing from sexual trauma. Unlock The Door- Beyond Sexual Abuse is divided into five sections: Family Secrets, Trusted Others, To Punish-To Protect, A Time To Heal and Advocacy. This website includes Deb’s blog and bio as well as testimonials.

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Harmony Integrative Coaching

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Harmony Integration is the combination of spiritual, social and psychological methodologies created to assist people to move towards healing. What is your deepest struggle? Where in your life are you stuck? Healing requires you accept these aspects as part of yourself and that you learn how to integrate them into your life experiences. This acceptance can help you move forward so you are no longer stuck in the past.

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Reveal, Connect and Heal

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Reveal, connect and heal is a Facebook page with the central theme being on healing from sexual abuse and other traumas. When I began writing Unlock The Door–Beyond Sexual Abuse, and facilitating groups of men and women who had experienced childhood sexual abuse, I quickly discovered most of what I was reading was covered in darkness. The intent of Reveal, connect and heal is to have positive place to share healing and helpful insights.

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Realistic Self Defense for Women

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Deb is the creator of Realistic Self Defense for Women – a self-protection and empowerment program for women. RSD originated in 1995 when I began to realize that not all self-defense techniques work for all people. I began to experiment and test myself and other women while focusing on natural reactions to being grabbed and hit. I then combined the physical techniques and mental strategies into an easy to learn, and remember, series of seminars.

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